About Us

PlanRV.com is operated by TruckDown Info International, Inc.

Since 1997 TruckDown has operated www.TruckDown.com providing heavy-duty vendor management services for the trucking industry. PlanRV has many of the same features as TruckDown - except we are focused on RV and camping users.

Today's RV's can be large and luxurious. In fact, many are built on truck chassis. Even the smaller ones are larger than a car or personal truck. As a result, if something happens on the road where you need a repair, a tire, or service of some kind, you want to ensure you call someone that is equipped to handle your equipment.

PlanRV provides one place to go to to be able to find service providers anywhere in the United States or Canada that have the tools and expertise to service your RV, big or small. PlanRV also contains camping sites, RV sites, rest areas, and other points of interest to help you plan your RV or camping experience.

For more information about our customer service, technology, or service philosophy, please visit http://www.truckdown.com/about.