Promote your listing on PlanRV

With an Elite or Pro listing, you have the ability to create and run a Vendor Promotion. A Vendor Promotion is an offer you can make to customers that will get displayed in the search results.

Vendor Promotions are displayed at the top in search results and anytime your listings detail page is viewed. Vendor Promotions are charged on a cost-per-view basis. When you set-up a promotion, you can apply funds to the promotion and any budgets and the system will use those funds when displaying the promotion.

Whenever your vendor promotion is displayed in the search results, the system charges $0.75. Whenever your promotion is displayed by a user clicking on the "load more promotions" (if applicable) or in your detailed listing view, the system charges $0.10.

  You control your costs

You can set your own budgets for vendor promotions - from a maximum daily budget to assigning a maximum monthly budget.

  Your promotion linked to your listing

Your promotion is only displayed when your listing is displayed.

  You stand alone

Only one promotion is displayed in any one search result by default. If you are the only promotion running, then you would display. If there are multiple promotion, then each promotion is rotated.

  Only customers count

Your promotion will not be charged if your promotion is displayed to anybody who is not a fleet or driver. If another service provider, on-line search engine, or developer looks at your promotion, then our system does not charge for the view.