Pro Listings

A Pro PlanRV Listing Includes:

  • A listing with your business name and address under any number of service categories.
  • Display of your local phone number, fax number, toll free number, and after hours number.
  • Ability to display a custom logo or image with your listing.
  • A "detailed" view of your business that lists all of the services you offer.
  • Ability to add a description, photographs, and service features to your detailed listing view.
  • A tag line added to your listing that can differentiate your business.
  • Your business is shown using a PlanRV Pro template that stands out in the results.
  • Ability to launch a Search Promotion that will be displayed in search results.
  • Guaranteed to be displayed before all Stock and Brand listings within your service area.
  • Guaranteed to be displayed in the first page of search results for any search done within your search area.
  • Your Pro listing details are also sent to GarminĀ® for inclusion on their RV Specific GPS devices as Points-Of-Interest.

When to choose this listing type

  • You want to maximize your results and get the best return on investment
  • You provide more than one service
  • You want to display your business using a professional template
  • You are interested in running a PlanRV Search Promotion

How results are measured

On a monthly basis, we provide total view counts and estimated calls counts for each of your Pro listings. Typically, estimated call counts are used to measure results.

We can report on how many calls your listing generated, but only you can decide the value of a call. Advertising has to make you more money then you are spending. Assessing the return on investment (ROI) of a Pro listing is a matter of multiplying the number of calls by the average per call value you assign. If that amount is greater than $330/year, then you win!