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E-mail address

Your e-mail address must be a valid e-mail address and unique to you. An e-mail address is required to create an account on our system.

Once you submit the registration form, we will send an e-mail to your address that contains a link. Your account will not work until you get that email and click on the link to verify that you own the address.

If you do not have an e-mail address, there are plenty of free services available that offer e-mail. Two examples are Google's Gmail service or Microsoft's service

Phone Number

You must be able to be reached at the phone number you provide. You can enter your phone as a series of numbers or formatted ((###) ###-####) - the choice is yours.

If you have an extension number, you can enter that as well by adding an ext. and then the number (i.e. (###) ###-#### ext. ###).


The password must be at least 6 digits. It is more secure to enter a password that has a mix of different types of characters (i.e. letters, numbers, punctuation) as these are much harder to guess.

We only store your password in an encrypted format and they cannot be decrypted. As a result, we cannot tell you what your password is, all we can do is reset it if you forget it.

Your password is your access to your account and should not be shared with anybody or written down. We will never ask for your password.

Mobile number

You can increase the security on your account by entering your mobile or cell number. This has to be a number that supports text messaging.

If you enter a valid number here, we will send you a code by text message that you can use to validate it.

Once your number is validated, you will be able to log into your account using your number and your will be able to recover your account if necessary using text messaging.

We will not share your number with anybody and we will only send text messages to your number when you explicitly give us permission to do so. For more information, please review our privacy policy.

Screen name

Your screen name is a user name for your account that contains no private information and is safe to display to the general public. If you do not specify a screen name to use, then we will assign one to your account.

We will never display your email address or contact information to anybody without your express permission (see our privacy policy for more information). There are, however, features on our site where we need to identify you to another user (i.e. you send a message to another user). In those cases, our system uses the screen name.

You can log into your account using your screen name, email address, or mobile number. Not matter how you log into your account, only your screen name is used when displaying your profile.

Receiving Service Information & Updates

By creating an account, you are authorizing us to send you communications specific to any transactions or services we provide to you.

In addition to sending information regarding a specific transaction or service, we also periodically send information regarding our services or any updates to those services.

This information includes feature enhancements on our existing services as well as details on new services. By authorizing us to send you these updates, you can be assured that you will stay knowledgeable about the latest features and services available.

Terms & Conditions

In order to use our services, you must accept our terms & conditions available here. These terms must be adhered to whether you create an account or not, however, there are specific terms that apply specifically to features that are only available once you are logged in.

Please take a moment to review our terms and reach out to us with any questions.